Old Songs Hymnal


Old Songs Hymnal

On her 1887 Mason & Hamlin Liszt Organ, Artis Wodehouse, plays her arrangement of spirituals from Harry T. Burleigh’s 1929 "Old Songs Hymnal," a collection that was the culmination of his ethnographic work in Georgia. The Liszt organ's depth and tonal scope are ideal for bringing forth these immortal melodies. 

"I'm going to be there"

"By and By"

"Hammer Ring, Weary Traveler, Standing in the Need of Prayer"

"All God's Children Got Shoes"

"City of Refuge"

"De Gospel Train"

Wodehouse's arrangement and performance were part of the Harry T. Burleigh Society tribute to Burleigh's Annual Service of Negro Spirituals on Friday, March 31, 2017 at St. George's Church in New York City. 

Performance Venue: 

St. George's Church, New York City.


Burleigh, Harry T.

Date of Composition: 


Performing Artists:

Artis Wodehouse, arranger and performer